Laser micro-milling


In 2016 we became global pioneers in using femtosecond laser machine in 5 axis to service other companies.
This technology is optimal for the manufacturing of microcavities in mold, microfluidic channels, micro milling for tempered steel tool or hard metal tool, etc. We can acquire smaller details than 30 µm.

We can work over any material: tempered steel, stainless steel, hard metal, aluminum, plastic, glass, etc. with sizing up to 600x400mm.


Femtosecond laser is an ultra-short pulse duration laser and high precision technology. There is almost no thermal effect over the material, so it is absolutely burr-free. The result is a clean and sharp micro milling, with very sharp edges and high quality surface finishing.

Special projects

This technology allows us to handle different problems that our customer can have in a very “disruptive” way. We design and manufacture production tools that are not able to be manufactured using other technologies and let us improve, or radically change the way of producing, so our customer can benefit from increasing opportunities.


Micro-milling for micro-optics insert.

High quality and definition even in hard metal.

Video presentation


Laser micro-milling